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Sunday, 3/12/17


Home training will soon be become an integral component of my fitness and well-being, due to a new edition to the family [baby girl]. I am willing to wager a limb, that I am not the only human being who can benefit from a good home workout. Whether you are a parent, healthcare provider [doctor, nurse, firefighter, EMT, etc.], a starving college student, or someone on a tight monetary or time budget, these workouts will benefit you. In this video, I will be creating a Bulgarian Sandbag. These are sold on the market for varying prices, which start at about $50, for a 10 lbs sandbag. The total weight for the sandbag that I made at home is 42 lbs, which costs almost $100 on the internet.


***Note: Left over supplies: zip ties, a good amount of duct tape, and 28 lbs of sand. I’m estimating that my total cost for a 42 lbs homemade sandbag was around $40.  


The materials needed and directions to create your own Bulgarian Sandbag are listed below. This is an excellent fitness tool that can offer you a challenging workout, cheap to build, and requires minimal space to store. Continue to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube; as I will post workouts to help you lean out and burn unwanted body fat.


Materials needed/Price:

-Inner Tube (Slime 5001-A Raw Auto Inner Tube-700/750 R15/16) [$27]

-Zip Ties [$4] [Amazon]

-Gorilla Duct tape [$9] [Home Depot]

-Scissors [Previously owned]

-Rubber Mulch [$7] or Sand [$4-70lbs]

-Scale [Previously owned]



-Locate the valve stem and cut it out

-Fold one side of the inner tube and apply a zip tie, creating a tight seal

-Apply tape to that side, creating a handle

-Insert the rubber mulch or sand to your desired weight

***Note: I filled it with the rubber mulch first, but opted for the sand because I wanted it to be heavier.

-Fold the other side of the inner tube and apply another zip tie, creating a tight seal

-Apply tape to that side, creating the other handle

***Note: Cover the zip tie with tape, to avoid the sharp edge of the cut zip tie



Workout #1

10 Mins

10 Sandbag Swing/Squat Jump

10 Windmills [left/right]


42 lb Bulgarian Sand Bag- Homemade


July 16, 2019- Rowing


I was introduced to rowing over 10 years ago and it is still one of my favorite workouts for myself and clients. Rowing builds your aerobic capacity and works many of your upper back muscles. It also targets your core, chest, biceps, triceps, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps making this a great overall workout.

I use a concept 2 rower. These rowers can be found at Crossfit gyms and some commercial gyms. If you have access to a rower Concept 2 offers free workouts on their website. Check out their free “24 rowing workouts” download at Feel free to browse around their site for additional rowing resources.

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