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Sunday, 3/12/17


Home training will soon be become an integral component of my fitness and well-being, due to a new edition to the family [baby girl]. I am willing to wager a limb, that I am not the only human being who can benefit from a good home workout. Whether you are a parent, healthcare provider [doctor, nurse, firefighter, EMT, etc.], a starving college student, or someone on a tight monetary or time budget, these workouts will benefit you. In this video, I will be creating a Bulgarian Sandbag. These are sold on the market for varying prices, which start at about $50, for a 10 lbs sandbag. The total weight for the sandbag that I made at home is 42 lbs, which costs almost $100 on the internet.


***Note: Left over supplies: zip ties, a good amount of duct tape, and 28 lbs of sand. I’m estimating that my total cost for a 42 lbs homemade sandbag was around $40.  


The materials needed and directions to create your own Bulgarian Sandbag are listed below. This is an excellent fitness tool that can offer you a challenging workout, cheap to build, and requires minimal space to store. Continue to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube; as I will post workouts to help you lean out and burn unwanted body fat.


Materials needed/Price:

-Inner Tube (Slime 5001-A Raw Auto Inner Tube-700/750 R15/16) [$27]

-Zip Ties [$4] [Amazon]

-Gorilla Duct tape [$9] [Home Depot]

-Scissors [Previously owned]

-Rubber Mulch [$7] or Sand [$4-70lbs]

-Scale [Previously owned]



-Locate the valve stem and cut it out

-Fold one side of the inner tube and apply a zip tie, creating a tight seal

-Apply tape to that side, creating a handle

-Insert the rubber mulch or sand to your desired weight

***Note: I filled it with the rubber mulch first, but opted for the sand because I wanted it to be heavier.

-Fold the other side of the inner tube and apply another zip tie, creating a tight seal

-Apply tape to that side, creating the other handle

***Note: Cover the zip tie with tape, to avoid the sharp edge of the cut zip tie



Workout #1

10 Mins

10 Sandbag Swing/Squat Jump

10 Windmills [left/right]


42 lb Bulgarian Sand Bag- Homemade


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