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Whether your goals are to gain power and muscle or to lose weight, Braveheart Athletics will provide personal training to help make your goals a reality.

Daniel Galvan


I met Trenton 5 years ago at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice in Pasadena. From the beginning he was friendly and helpful. I started taking personal training with him almost 2 months ago. He has made it so easy. Because Trenton  sets the standard for what a personal trainer should be. He is kind, knowledgeable, approachable, understanding responsive and motivating. He brings out all your strengths. He listens to your limitations and weaknesses and finds a way for you to push not just passed them but to exceed them. Any questions I have regarding my workouts or my diet get answered almost immediately. He is a great trainer, mentor and friend.

Manny Garcia


In my opinion trent is one of the best trainers in Pasadena.
Workouts are hard and effective. If you want to see real results not only with your body but in the way you feel, his your guy! A lot of trainers want to give you a workout that will keep you coming back and make you feel like you workout.  With Trent your body will let you know. No pain no gain!!!

If you want to improve your health, make more money and be more successful. It starts with the gym. My advice to anyone looking to better themselves in any aspect of life is to call him and start getting tortured by Trent. It will all be worth it!

Erinnicole Goodwin


Los Angeles


Trenton is everything I could have asked for in a trainer. He has consistently challenged me and pushed me to go above and beyond the limits of what I thought was possible. I'm always grateful for his patience, positivity and encouragement. Through training with Trent, I've become a stronger person both mentally and physically. I've been able to make healthy lifestyle changes and reach physical goals that I've set for myself. I highly recommend Braveheart Athletics. Trenton will change your life!


Jennifer A.


Los Angeles

Hands down the best personal trainer I've had!!  It's never boring, highly motivational and I feel the best I've felt in a long time. Gyms, the trainers I have tried at the gyms in the past, or working out on my own just wasn't cutting it! If you want a challenge, yet work at your own pace... check him out. Gyms, the trainers I have tried at the gyms in the past, or working out on my own just wasn't cutting it! Definitely worth every penny!


John N.



Wow! Don't even know where to start here. Trenton is the best trainer I've ever met. He cares so much for you and he is always following up with you to make sure you are feeling well after the workout. Trent is so patient but he will also push you to the point he gets the best off of you. I highly recommend him, I've seen him work with all ages. He knows so much about forms and meal prep & alot more just everything that you want your trainer to know. I promise you that you won't regret making this decision, he will always work around your schedule. This is not like does LA Fitness trainers or 24hr fitness this is the real deal, ive trained with trainers of both gymsbl before and the knowledge that trent has, does not compare to LA fitness or 24hr fitness. Once again stop wasting your time looking for the right trainer because you just found him! Thank you for everything trent.


Shana M.



I really enjoy training with Trenton!  He is patient yet he pushes you to reach your full potential.  One of the major things I appreciated was him taking time in making sure my form was proper in every workout. Whenever I work out on my own, I am always remembering the tips on form. When I first started with Trenton, I could barely complete a sit up and within weeks I was deadlifting weight I never thought I could pick up. Great trainer and even a greater person.


Jose Roman


El Monte

Braveheart Athletics (Trenton Jordan) can be described in many words, but the one word that sums it all up is greatness. Trenton strives for greatness in everything he does and when you train with him you will notice that. Every workout means something to him, he really strives for your benefits. In sports he shows his true intelligence, he creates each workout for your sport or even position. I played Football and Baseball and Basketball and Volleyball while I trained with Trent and each season with a different sport he made the workouts for you to excel. He also taught me the techniques with each and every weightlifting thing we did. I had an upper hand going into high school and weightlifting for sports, I already knew how to do things. With this it also helped me get a starting position in each and every sport. If you're looking for a great trainer Trent is the way to go. He will show up to your games whenever he can and cheer you on. You go in having a trainer and you come out with a friend.


Jennifer T.


La Canada

I can't say enough good things about Trenton as a personal trainer.  We live in the Pasadena area and Trenton works with my 12 year old son, who completely idolizes him.  Trenton pushes and inspires him, teaches him about proper technique but he is always nurturing and supportive.  He builds my son's confidence, teaches him about nutrition, and challenges him to be healthier.  I Trenton is an all around excellent role model, and I am thrilled we have found him.


Sonja A.



I want to highly recommend Trenton! He is a wonderful trainer--focused on correct form, so as to avoid injury; and he pushes me hard but he's never mean. I am an out of shape 51 year old woman with some injuries who is intimidated by gyms and all the equipment--the whole thing is way out of my comfort zone. Trenton did a great job of alleviating fears for a novice like me, patiently explaining the equipment and the exercises (over and over in some cases) and helping me to feel comfortable; and also helping me to strengthen my injured ankle without hurting me.  He works well with all sorts of people--I've seen him train kids, senior citizens, out of shape people like myself and athletes who are already strong but coming for some fine-tuning. He's a motivated and focused trainer--and he's also just an interesting, funny and kind person. Sometimes I dread going to the gym; and knowing I'll be met by such an encouraging, cheerful trainer is the only thing that gets me in the door. Whether you're in great shape but need some training for a competition or whether you're a terrified newbie, Trenton's your guy.


Pamela D.



I would recommend Trenton to anyone!!!!  Trenton has all the qualities of a great trainer.  He is motivating, helpful, and passionate about his business. I think that's what separates him from others.  He runs his training sessions like a business I really like that! He  pushes you and encourages you  when you need it!!!!  The atmosphere is great.  He has helped me personally with my upper body strength.  I continue to learn from him and improve each time I see him.  Trenton is a great trainer!!!!!


Kerri S.



Trenton is an amazing trainer and we would highly recommend him. He works with my teen son on muscle definition. We are already seeing results after only a few weeks. Trenton is the BEST!!!!


Taeok L.


Los Angeles

I would very highly recommend working with Trenton! He is not only a wonderful individual but also an amazing trainer. He pushed me very hard and has quickly been able to get me the results I wanted. He's very supportive and motivating even when you want to give up during a crazy circuit. He gets you through workouts you didn't think you were capable of. If you're going to train with anyone then he's the guy.


Clarice O.


Los Angeles

Braveheart Athletics! Love Trenton! And I love the space we train. It's really intimate, yet room for lots of different equipment. All of which Trenton Jordan introduced me to. Trenton has helped me gain so much strength and muscle- far beyond my expectations. I had very little upper body strength- and in just ten weeks, I'm able to do push-ups way more often throughout my day. Trenton has a really positive and supportive attitude from the moment he sees you, and I just know he actually cares about all his clients' well being. Such a great energy to be around and he really kicks my butt with those kettle bells! :p I highly recommend Trenton as a personal trainer. Braveheart Athletics all the way!


John E.



Trenton has been one of the best strength coaches that I've ever had. He creates a solid program that takes into account your overall health goals, training level, and your fitness strengths/weaknesses. He's very motivating, keeps track of my progress and helps with my accountability, and a great communicator be it showing how to do lifting technique for a deadlift to what are natural and good supplements for your body should be.

Most importantly, he's an expert knowing how to dial into what kind of intensity and training methods would be needed that day.

For example, my core ab muscles were still rather exhausted from a session a few days before. We first tried reverse-dips (like a hardcore sit-up) on the dip machine and I couldn't even do one. We then transferred to another sit-up device that was a little easier but still no dice. Eventually, we eventually dialed it down where I could pull off simple crunches with leg lifted off the floor to at least conditioning in the mid abs area. Most trainers would of stopped at the first machine and moved on to another body part but Trenton found a way to get to those muscles conditioned and stronger for the long haul.

If you are willing to put in the time and investment to create a better you no matter what your current fitness level is, I highly recommend Trenton as a strength/conditioning coach.


Shannon S.


Trenton is simply one of the most motivating personal trainers around! He is extremely professional, courteous and attentive. I've had trainers who tell you to do an exercise then go off and talk to someone or use their phone. Not Trenton! If he's not on his hands doing an exercise next to you, he's right next to you motivating you! Moreover, he does innovative and challenging workout that keep you and your body guessing!  You get the most out of every minute you workout  with him, every session! I am so thankful to have found Trenton, he's definitely a great guy, and I am glad he is assisting me with my weight loss journey!


Brandy R.


La Canada Flintridge

I've had several trainers and Trenton is by far the best I've had!  He has so much knowledge and experience to offer with training and nutrition.  Nutrition plays such a big role in shaping ones body, so he is very helpful with tips and advice on what to eat and when.  He tells me the best way to eat for me, but without starving myself.  
As for training with him, I love it!!  He doesn't mess around.  He pushes me to the go my hardest and doesn't let me slack.  That's what you want in a trainer.  
He is also just a pleasant person and keeps it fun while training. I can't say enough good about him!!
I must also add, I believe Trenton truly does care about me reaching my goals.  I know with him, I will get where I want to be.  The time he puts into our training, checking in with me and offering advice here and there shows me he's in it to see me succeed.  This is not just a job for him, it's his passion and I know he truly wants to help people change.
If you're considering hiring a trainer, you have to give him a try, you won't be disappointed!!  Just do it!


Saran J.



I am 31 and I just had a baby (well 9 mos ago lol).  I have been somewhat fit on and off over the past 10 years. However for the last 3 years I have pretty much stopped exercising with the exception of a walk or two during the week.  I have a big appetite and I eat A LOT.  Needless to say I have gained quite a bit of weight.  I was reluctant to consult a personal trainer, mostly out of fear of having someone yelling in my face and pushing me harder than I wanted to be pushed. I also have a knee injury that I do NOT want to aggravate.  So I spoke with Trenton a few times and expressed my hesitation and nervousness.  He reassured me that we would work hard but at a pace that I would be comfortable with.  (haha we'll see I thought to myself).  So I showed up. He gave me a tour of the gym, went over what to expect and we got into it!  I have done lots of different fitness classes; Pilates, yoga, spin, kettlebell, insanity, the bar method.  Out of all of them I would say my workout with Trenton was by far the best.  I felt like I got the best full body workout, I was comfortable, I felt like I worked hard.  I can definitely feel my body changing and I am very happy about that.  I highly recommend Trenton.  My husband, who is very athletic and fit trains with him is very happy with  his results and is happy to get up at the crack of dawn to work out with Trent.  He is great, he will work with your schedule and customize your workout to get the results you want and for my family he is super convenient being located in Pasadena.


Gina P.



I'm 41 and I've been trying to do something about my weight for years. Walking around my neighborhood and the Rose Bowl wasn't cuttin it. I would see a small change in my calves, but the belly remained. I needed some help. I decided to get a personal trainer and get started. I contacted Trenton, a local personal trainer, to help me in starting my new journey to fitness. Monday, September 1st, was my first session. I was really nervous and just knew that everyone would be looking at the new fat girl trying to exercise. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. Trenton made me feel super comfortable, even when I had to get on the scale. Yikes! A week and three sessions later, I've been working muscles that I never knew I had. Trenton is always positive and gives constructive feedback on my posture and the proper way to do a squat and lifting weights. He's even helping me in making better food choices. Bye, bye Twinkies. You are no longer my friend. I'm sore, but I feel GREAT! THANK YOU TRENTON.


John S.



Trent is the man. Hands down a Beast you want to have train you. Clean, awesome gym with the friendliest people. I'll be honest was just expecting another run of the mill trainer in another dirty gym wen I started, someone who would just throw me in a work out and make me feel exhausted each visit, Trenton on top of his insane workouts he is so knowledgeable in everything there is to know in along with nutrition which he is really encouraging on he really has brought new light on the whole experience. He definatly makes me more motivated to return each time an helps see the improvements.


Daniel W.



I thought all trainers were the same, untill I started with Trenton. He truly cares about the progress you are making and constantly pushing you towards your goals. He keeps in touch with you during the week to see how you are doing, see if you are eating right. I actually look forward to seeing Trenton for our sessions which is a first for me.

I would highly recommend Trenton to any of my friends or family no matter what your goals are.


Jerri H.



Trent has been my personal trainer for almost a year now and I can't say enough nice things about him. I'm a mom who works full time and has two kids and it's very hard to find time to work out. Trent has been very flexible with my kooky schedule, he's super motivating, friendly, and he never gets mad when I spend the whole hour complaining. I've been seeing him twice a week and I can't tell you how much better I feel since I started going. I highly recommend him!


Jenny C.


Los Angeles

Trenton provides excellent personal training services. He's very knowledgeable and very big motivator at the gym. He brings a lot of experience to the gym and is eager to pass down all his knowledge. I love how he keeps track of my workouts so that I can see progress. He's expanding my workout knowledge by bring something new to the table every time we meet. I'm very fit, so Trenton is helping me fine tune my workouts and nutrition to take my fitness to the next level. I highly recommend Trenton for personal training there's no better way to invest in yourself by investing in your health and fitness.


Alex A.



Trenton Jordan is hands down the most knowledgeable, supportive, and all around great guy and personal trainer that I have had the pleasure of training with. From day 1 he has opened my mind on the different areas of fitness that he specializes in and breaks everything down into easy to understand steps to better reach my goals. It has not even been a month in and I am already shattering every record I have thanks to the program Trent has created specifically for my needs.  I am definitely looking forward to training with such a enlightening personal trainer in the near future at Braveheart Athletics which itself is a great clean facility with all kinds of state of the art different equipment.


Terry W.


La Crescenta

Thank you so much Trent for mentoring my son and providing such excellent personal training and weight lifting instruction.  He says that you always give him your fullest attention, and encourage him to progress in a very positive way.  I've noticed a boost in his confidence, and he says that he sees a huge improvement in his performance for BJJ.  Its very nice to know that you are a positive influence in his life and that he is in a safe environment to work out!


Jacquie T.



Trenton takes the time to work with his clients by explaining good workout postures and food intake.  He also encourages going the extra mile to achieve goals and results.  I am very happy I took this step to improve my health and physical appearance and I'm even happier to have Trenton as my personal trainer.  I'm looking forward to being fit, fine and foxy 50!  :-)


Colleen P.


Los Angeles

Trenton is a knowledgable athlete and trainer. He takes the time to get to really know your goals, strengths and weaknesses and build on those. Every workout is thought out before you arrive so there is no time wasted! He's encouraging and always incorporates different things into a workout so it's not boring. I would highly suggest Trent! He's a great guy :) First session is FREEEEE!


Ying L.


Monterey Park

This place is great! Everyone is friendly and nice. I got a lot from personal training.My personal training coach ,Trenton Jordan is great, and teach me a lot about strength training. I feel my body become strong. Welcome everyone to come here. It is really helpful whatever you are pro or not.


Amanda T.



In all my experiences with trainers, and I've had a lot, I have never received the type of treatment from a trainer that I have with him. He's attentive, makes sure he understands your goals completely and offers new, and fun ways to keep you motivated.

I have never in my life felt so encouraged to make someone proud, and when I step into the gym I always want to make him proud of me.


Sophia G.


Los Angeles

I am a 37 year old, professional woman with very little free time and have been working with Trenton consistently for about 7 months. This is my first time working with a personal trainer and I did not have much experience working out in a gym prior to this.  For most of my adult life, I exercised on my own (running and hiking) but as I have gotten older, I have spent more time working, less time being active, and I saw that I was slowly gaining weight. I decided to get a personal trainer to have some structure and get more advice and feedback about nutrition and my eating habits.

Trenton is exactly the kind of trainer that I needed. After searching through multiple search engines for a personal trainer near me, I chose Trenton. He has been extremely patient and taught me so many new things. He regularly changes my workouts, which keeps things interesting, and I always feel challenged. His positive attitude and sense of humor help motivate me and make the workouts fun.

I really like that Trenton is a former athlete that still exercises and knows a lot about health and nutrition. He clearly practices what he teaches and serves as a role model for me. I have lost 10 pounds and want to lose 5-10 more. Trenton is an excellent trainer and based on the past several months, I am certain that I will achieve my goals if I continue to work with him regularly.


Cindy N.



Trenton is an amazing personal trainer. My girlfriends and I took his boot camp classes and had a great time.  The day after his classes we would all text each other about how ridiculously and completely sore we were. The sessions were always different from the last one and the exercises were challenging, fun and very effective. I absolutely recommend Trenton if you are looking for a great work out experience.  We mamas were all very pleased with our results and had good time achieving them.


Amanda V.



Trenton is a fabulous trainer! I always enjoy every workout he throws my way! I'm stronger and my mind is clearer than it has been in a while.  He has great technique and is constantly adjusting  the workouts to get the maximum benefit for me.  He makes it fun too!  Trenton has my highest recommendation!


Ashley C.



I hurt my knee 2 years ago and after surgery really wanted to regain my strength with a fitness professional. Trent is extremely knowledgeable with many years of experience in fitness and health. He really catered my workouts to my personal needs. Not only did I regain my strength, but now I am in much better shape than I was before my knee injury! He is a great motivator and an inspiration to all of his clients. I am continually impressed with his knowledge in the field, his hard work and his enthusiasm. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.


Rose R.


I used to be the girl in 24 hour fitness on the treadmill.  I was always scared to touch any equipment that involved free weights. After training with Trent, I was immediately introduced to an array of equipment and new exercises; such as kettle bells, battle ropes, barbells, etc.  I can now do so many exercises and use an array of equipment more I never imagined myself using. On top of that I have lost over 13 pounds! My goal is to get back to my high school weight (10 more pounds to go) and I am confident Trent will help me get there!!! I am definitely lucky to have Trent as my personal trainer and I would highly recommend him.


Sadia Q.


Los Angeles

Working with Trent has been amazing! I was under so much stress from my graduate program and needed an outlet. I wanted to start working out, but doing the treadmill or elliptical at the gym was boring and not helping.

I was hesitant to try other machines at the gym because I didn't really know much about them. Through a reference, I found out about Trent and it has changed my life. I am happier, able to deal with stress so much better and have an amazing amount of energy. He not only helped cater a workout regimen to my needs, but also taught me so much about how to live and eat better.

I became so much more active and energetic I signed up for the Spartan race and completed it without any additional training. Life is too short to not live it right and to its fullest extent.

Thank you Trent for helping me reach my full potential and helping me feel and look fit!


Ray C.



Trenton is an unreal trainer! He has helped me become more fit and live a healthier lifestyle. He always pushes me to my limits and helps me establish new ones everytime we workout. Best trainer I've ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to lose weight or get in shape for a sport.


Valerie G.



Trenton is everything you can hope for in a trainer, and more. He is unfailingly supportive, encouraging you to do your best, but in a manner that makes the hard work fun. Trenton takes great care to make sure everything you do is safe and he teaches you the proper form for every exercise. I really enjoy my workout with him And better yet, I can see the results in a very short period of time.  I highly recommend Trenton.


Garrett W.


La Crescenta

I started with Trent a few weeks ago.  I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and wanted to start lifting weights to help my game.  It has been an excellent experience in the 4 sessions that we have worked together so far.  He has been very enthusiastic when teaching, and is very open to questions.  Can't wait to go again!







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